Fairfax County, VA – June 6th, 2017 : Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe signed legislation requiring a five day deadline to report school bullying to parents. Virginia principals would be required to notify parents before the deadline.

Karen Keys-Gamarra said, “I want to express my gratitude to Governor McAuliffe and the bill's sponsor. As an attorney who advocates for children, I understand the negative impact of bullying: it is a phenomenon that interrupts the ability to learn and causes children to feel unsafe. This bill will improve the notification process and allow parents to intervene earlier.

This legislation is a much needed tool for Fairfax County Public School staff to address and discourage bullying. Our counselors, teachers and parents need to partner to make sure every child feels safe and secure while attending school.”

Keys-Gamarra added, “This is an important first step to combat bullying in the Fairfax County Schools. Our Governor has always been at the forefront of addressing issues that gravely affect our children. He is knowledgeable about school issues and I am proud that we have a Governor who is compassionate and caring. Bullying is an impediment to learning.”

Karen Keys-Gamarra is an Attorney and Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), which is a child advocate attorney who represents the best interests of children. She and her husband are the parents of three boys. Two have graduated from FCPS and one is currently attending FCPS. She and her husband live in Oakton, VA. Karen is a volunteer for the NAACP, and a former CASA volunteer. She is also a Planning Commissioner. Ms. Keys-Gamarra attended Tulane University and the Washington School of Law. Karen Keys-Gamarra is seeking the FCDC endorsement for the FCPS At-Large seat.